Help us grow

After years of work, The Source Courses are up and running and are already changing lives.
But not enough.


All participants contribute to the cost of their Course, however for The Source to really grow, we need additional funding to provide the resources to impact on thousands of people.


Your investment will have a rapid impact on your community as well as communities around the world.


Our vision is also to bring The Source to more young people and to positively impact Jewish students in their formative years. We have begun this process, however there is so much still to do. We want to provide The Source Courses to Educators in more schools, shuls and communities across the world.


Therefore, I am appealing to you to help me to turn this vision into a reality. Each donation, no matter how small, will be deeply appreciated and channelled straight back in to elevating the Jewish community.


If you’d like to support this work, please click here                 

Thank you for helping to turn this dream into a reality.