Inner Source:

Discovering Yourself

The first course “Inner Source” is about discovering yourself, exploring your own uniqueness and understanding the aspects that make you different. This process allows you to access the hidden parts of your character. In this way you can continue to build yourself with a clear knowledge of the tools uniquely available to you. The Inner Source course is the fastest way to boost your self-esteem and to understand the motivations, depth and beauty that can be found within you.


The Inner Source course allows you to identify and discover your own core characteristics and then begin the process of developing and changing them.

The more you can understand yourself, the more your relationships will improve, not only with yourself but also with others.

The Inner Source course uses only authentic Jewish sources, (what we call ‘spiritual science’) to access the hidden parts of your unique nature and to identify your own personal greatness.

After years of work, The Source has developed a ground breaking, comprehensive and methodical system for self-improvement based entirely on the Torah’s approach to refining character. The Inner Source course accesses the hidden parts of your unique nature and identifies your own personal greatness. It is only through constant character development that we can profoundly elevate our being and begin the journey towards self-mastery. The first stage in building anything is knowing what your tools are.